Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best Bets!
• Santa Margarita Neighborhood Cleanup Walkways - 9/17/11
• Support Warm Wishes - 9/25/11
• Ready, Set, Go! - Wildfire preparations
• Whistlestop July newsletter
• Terra Linda Game Night
• New Subdivision in Lucas Valley ?
• SMART Train Update
• Glean Team: Don't let your home-grown produce go to waste!
• SmartMeters continued
• Brewfest - 7/30/11
• County Development Codes to be amended
• Northgate's 2nd Annual 'Concerts Under the Oak' Series!
• The Community Media Center of Marin and
Marin TV Celebrate Two Years of Operations!
• Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Car Crash
Save the Date: Santa Margarita Neighborhood Cleanup Walkways - Saturday, 9/17/11, 9-Noon, T.L. Rec. Center sign in. Questions? Carolyn at 499-9234
Support Warm Wishes
Click the link below to download a Bocce Tournament Registration Form:
Click the link below to download a Bocce Tournament Sponsorship Form
Bill Hamm and MarinLink
invite you to
Warm Wishes 7th Annual Bocce Ball Tournament

Sunday, September 25, 2011
Check in 9:30am /Start 10:30 am
Albert Park 550 B Street San Rafael
Come one come all and join in the FUN!
No experience necessary
Master of Ceremonies: Bill Hamm
Tickets $45.00/$55.00 after Sept 1st
- Includes Lunch, Beverages & Awards.

PLEASE support Warm Wishes with a Bocce Ball Court Sponsorship $200
(also. consider donating an auction/raffle item!)

Raffle tickets are tax deductible:
5 tickets for $20.00! 15 for $50.00! 25 for $65.00!
For information contact MarinLink 415-472-0211
Registration starts at 9:30 and Tournament begins at 10:30. Silent Auction closes at 2:00!
Save the date!Come assemble backpacks on December 3rdat Unity of Marin, 8AM
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Entry Form (Please Print)
Make checks payable to Warm Wishes and mail to:
Warm Wishes 5800 Northgate Mall Suite 250, San Rafael 94903
Player # 1_________________________________ $_____
Player #2_________________________________ $______
Player # 3_________________________________ $______

Player # 4_________________________________ $______

Court Sponsorship:
Company: Name________________________________________
Phone_________________________________________________ $______
Also, I would like to purchase _______raffle tickets.
( 5 tickets for $20.0 0 15/$50.00, 25/$65.00) $______
I cannot come but would like to purchase ______raffle tickets $______
Wish I could be is my donation to Warm Wishes! $______
TOTAL $_________

Deadline: All entries must be received by September10th ( fax 415-472-0221)
Bocce Ball Invitational
Bocce Ball Event Sponsorship - $1,000
• Lead sponsorship includes:
• Your company name on the Welcome Banner to be displayed at Tournament and December's Warm Wishes event.
• Your company name in all local advertising promotions and newspaper articles, press releases, day of event program.
• Your company name and company link on the Warm Wishes and MarinLink Websites.
• 8 Registration fees for the Bocce Ball Invitational ($400.00 value).
Luncheon Sponsorship - $500.00
• Luncheon sponsorship includes:
• Your company name on the Welcome Banner to be displayed at Tournament and December's Warm Wishes event.
• Your company name in all local advertising promotions and newspaper articles, press releases, day of event program.
• Your company name and company link on the Warm Wishes and MarinLink Websites.
• 4 Registration fees for the Bocce Ball Invitational ($200.00 value).
Court Sponsorship - $200 (Eight Available)
• Your company name on the Welcome Banner to be displayed the day of the event and at the December's Warm Wishes Event.
• Your company name displayed on the court the day of the event
• Your company name in all local advertising promotions, newspaper articles, press releases, day of event program.
• 2 Registration fees for the Bocce Ball Invitational ( $100.00 value)
Beverage Sponsorship - $200
• Your company name on the Welcome Banner to be displayed the day of the event and at the December's Warm Wishes Event.
• Your company name in all local advertising promotions, newspaper articles, press releases, day of event program.
• 2 Registration fee for the Bocce Ball Invitational ($100.00 value).
Awards Sponsorship - $150
• Your company name on the Welcome Banner to be displayed the day of the event and at the December's Warm Wishes Event.
• Your company name in all local advertising promotions, newspaper articles, press releases, day of event program.
• 1 Registration fee for the Bocce Ball Invitational ($50.00 value).
Silent Auction and Raffle Items gratefully accepted! Please call MarinLink to donate415-472-0211!
Here is the Sponsorship Form
Your Name __________________________________________________________

Business Name._______________________________________________________

Work Phone____________________________Cell Phone_______________________________

Company Address______________________________City____________St._____Zip______

Email Address__________________________Logo sent in________________

Charge card number____________________________MC__Visa __Other__Exp date________

Check Payable MarinLink/Warm Wishes: I have enclosed a check for: $____________

Questions? Contact: Mary O'Mara to secure your sponsorship for the "Warm Wishes Bocce Ball Invitational"
info@warmwishes.org415-472-0211 non profit # 20-0879422
"I wondered why somebody didn't do something, then I realized I was somebody." Unknown Author
Ready, Set, Go - Preparing for a Wildfire!
Whistlestop July Bulletin -
CPC Terra Linda Game Night
Biweekly Fridays, 6 pm - 9 pm
Christ Presbyterian Church
620 Del Ganado
Check for updates, or 'Like' our page on Facebook
to get announcements and make game requests.
We have a large library of games, and you may bring in your own, or make requests for either games to be brought in or for players for special games. We have a nice mix of party, casual and heavier gamers.
New Subdivision in Lucas Valley ? The project plans for the Rocking H 1 project are now on-line:
SMART Train Update
The Downtown Station Area Plan Workshop #2 Summary Report has been completed and can be viewed online here:
Join the MO Glean Team!
from Marin Organic farms to your schools and community centers
Glean with us this Tuesday, July 5th, at both Indian Valley and County Line!
Gleaned food is produce which would otherwise be left in the fields because it doesn't meet the strict aesthetic requirements of restaurants and retail markets. This can account for up to 20% of what is grown, and throughout the year may include potatoes, squashes, spinach, leeks, beets, carrots, arugula, lettuces, meats, eggs, yogurt, ice cream and more!
So far over 130,000 pounds of local certified organic products have been gleaned and delivered to participating schools, camps, and underserved communities throughout Marin, offsetting their costs and therefore allowing them to serve local and organic options while staying within their limited budgets. Each week the program enables 10,000 children to eat organic foods grown from Marin soils.
Join our Glean Team today! There's plenty of food to glean and so many people to feed. Many hands make light work. Please contact Program Manager Scott Davidson at (415) 663.9667 or
MO Glean Team in the News:
District One Supervisor News Bulletin
SmartMeter Update
PG&E was one of the first utilities in the U.S. or Canada to roll out wireless meters, but as others begin, it is gratifying and helpful to see fierce opposition arise --Southern California, Maine, Texas, Connecticut, Illinois, British Columbia . . .Here's an account of a lively Santa Barbara meeting: Although health effects remain at the top of the list of the objections to SmartMeter technology, privacy is a close second. You'll appreciate this attention-getting four-minute commentary on privacy issues:
An apt look at the situation --worth a read. (Link to original at bottom.)
Sonoma County Citizens Against Wireless Radiation is a group of retired teachers, parents, grandparents and concerned citizens.

Save the Humans
Standing up against Smart Meters

By Sonoma COunty Citizens Against Wireless Radiation

What an interesting idea! We have "Save the Dolphins, Whales, Planet,
Ecosystem, Animals," and many other such groups. How is it possible
that we are willing to care for salamanders but not for our fellow
human beings, whose health is being compromised by society's obsession
with the personal conveniences of wireless, radiation-emitting

Smart meters and other wireless, radiation-emitting technologies are
causing many of us, at least 3 to 15 percent of the population,
according to California Department of Health's statistics, to develop
electromagnetic hypersensitivity-or worse. Why are people being
marginalized, made sick and forced to become environmental refugees?
Many have had to leave their homes in search of a new place to live
without wireless radiation. This has become almost impossible with the
advent of smart meters.

There is mounting evidence from the US Army, scientists and physicians
going back to the 1950s showing the effects of wireless
electromagnetic radiation on the human body at a cellular level. In
May, the World Health Organization and the International Agency for
Research on Cancer classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields
as possibly carcinogenic to humans based on an increased risk for
gliomas, which are malignant types of brain cancer associated with
wireless phone use. Mobile phone use is listed in the same
"carcinogenic hazard" category as DDT, lead, engine exhaust and
chloroform. Cell towers, wi-fi, smart meters, DECT phones, cordless
phones and other wireless devices emit the same non-ionizing
electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones.

Some of the other adverse health effects include depression,
cardiovascular disorders, sterility, autism, neurodegenerative
diseases, leukemia, strokes, breast cancer, brain cancer, acoustical
neuromas, breathing dysfunctions, confusion, ear pain, tinnitus,
headaches and many other symptoms.

We are calling on you, "the People," to help protect the health of all
members of our communities from the exponentially increasing danger of
electromagnetic radiation. Write to your state and federal
legislators, the California Public Utilities Commission and the
governor, asking them to stop the smart meter program and adopt the
precautionary principle toward all forms of wireless radiation.
The EMF Safety Network has launched a new short survey on "Wireless Utility Meter Safety Impacts." I completed the 25 questions in a couple of minutes. You can take the survey whether or not you have a new meter on your home, in your neighborhood or area. It's anonymous, of course, unless you choose to make comments that can be shared.

Please take it if you're interested, and pass it on to others, especially to people who have experienced problems of any kind as a result of SmartMeter installation. The data will be helpful to the Network.

Onward, Vicki

Friday, July 29, 6:30-8pm, Oak Plaza by Kohl's
Northgate's 2nd Annual 'Concerts Under the Oak' Series!
This month, we have the Department of Rock coming to light up the stage! By day, these five agents run the Department of Rock. By night, they defend your right to party with extraordinary "Rock Hero" abilities. You'll rock out to the best rock music of the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond. You will explode with satisfaction hearing these songs exactly as you remember them. The Department of Rock and its agents have performed, recorded and worked with some of the greatest national and international producers, recording artists, and pro-audio companies in the world such as members of Aerosmith, Journey, Tesla, Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, White Stripes, Metallica, Linkin Park, Buck Cherry and Ronnie Montrose.
BJ's Brewhouse will again be serving up their refreshing beers and our featured restaurant for the night? Panera Bread!! Come early to grab a table or feel free to bring your own seats! The concerts will be held on the last Friday of the month, June-September. A portion of the food and beverage proceeds will again benefit the San Rafael Promenade path. More details can be found on our website link below or on the attached flyer.
Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Car Crash
Hi Carolyn,
As the neighborhood watch woman maven, you might be interested to know that there was a huge crash right in front of our home last night (12:12am) that totaled my roommates car parked on the street. I was standing in my bedroom and listened to the longest sound of metal on metal I have ever heard except in movies. Because it was so close I was waiting to feel the house shake thinking a car was headed for our garage.

After informing my roommate Nahata that her car just got crashed into (because I could now see something of what happened from my little catwalk outside my bedroom), we went downstairs to ever increasing people pouring from their homes. The terrifying sound was so very loud for a much longer than usual time. This was no car smashing into a car and then the sound dies.

Here right behind Ric and my cars parked in our driveway is a newer SUV turned over, smashed to hell and right behind it on the street is Nahata's car with a huge deep gash all along the top of it. Glass, car bits, sleeping bags, tree limbs, shrubbery debris is everywhere piled up on the sidewalk and driveway. Flashlights, concerned people in their pajamas (some are barefoot ... not a good idea) are looking into the car that is on it's back like a smashed turned over beetle or turtle to see how many people are inside and are they alive. That was the worst part. Did someone pay with their life or with their future ability to be normal? Silent prayers were in the space amidst the talk of 'did you hear this?' and 'I was in my bedroom when I heard this huge sound' and "I was just locking my front door as the sound stopped me in my tracks', 'last time their was an accident on this road was ....'. It was the normal talk of this abnormal incident. The talk that comes when we want to calm ourselves and make sense of this thing that came from nowhere in the middle of the night.

As light is appearing on the scene from my other roommate Ric opening our garage door and pulling out a painters lights the police start arriving. People are shouting 'don't move him' to whoever thinks its a good idea to move the driver ... now determined to be the only one the car. Someone says, 'his head is bleeding'. I can't look at that part so I focus on the surrounding horror.

As we are all milling telling our version of the story, the firetrucks arrive with the EMTs, the police are now fully on the scene and some sort of order descends upon what is never orderly. We collectively think we are grateful to live in such a place that order can descend on something like this and that people trapped in cars now upturned with such disorder can be taken care of and walk again.

As I walk south past the wreck on the sidewalk, I see that the corner of shrubbery on our property has been taken out. It is clear this was a different trajectory than someone running into a parked car which is why the sound went on for as long and terrifyingly as it did. Then I listen as a neighbor from down the road states they heard the car going 'really, really fast' past their house. They estimated 75 miles an hour. Of course it is impossible to know, but .... I think 'yeah, I have seen cars going really, really fast on this road'.

I stayed up long enough to know that the young man driving was extracted safely and taken to the hospital with no more than cuts and bruises (thank God). As he lay on the gurney he kept saying how sorry he was. His license plate was from Nevada. One if the cop standing around said he will be alright. We were all so relieved to hear that. Broken metal on cars is so much easier to take than broken bodies that can't or won't ever mend.

I awoke this morning and walk down the street. Now in the light of day, one can see that the trajectory of the car was straight from the corner of Corte La Paz where the car should have made a turn and didn't. It hit the neighbors yard, the wheels turned ever so slightly by the bolders placed on the ground for what looks like just such a purpose, ran into the shrubbery bordering our property, which looks like it curved it again and cruised the top of Nahata's car by now turned over and landing on it's back.

End of story? No. Just the beginning for my friend and her car and for the young man driving and his car. She is being about as graceful as one can hope to be in this mess. End of story for the cars that speed on this road? I hope not. There were many stories that came forward from the milling crowd about how Las Gallinas used to be really unsafe until they changed it to what we see today. Used to be unsafe? Jeez. I listen every day to cars going 40-50 miles an hour in what I think is a 25 miles an hour zone. Put a couple cops on this street and the coffers of San Rafael will be filled with all the speeding ticket money is a thought I have had many times.

I am so happy no one was seriously injured and hope that it won't take that for us to respond to what clearly needs to be another assessment of the mini-freeway that Las Gallinas has turned into between Freitas and Lucas Valley. Now as the weekend bicyclists make their usual ride past our house, I can hear the various versions 'oh my, what happened' as people see the remaining bits of broken glass that surrounds my friend's totaled car. Without knowing what actually happened, it is inconceivable to imagine how her car could look the way it does as it sits there innocently on the road. It is still the site of a serious accident, although the other car has long since been towed and most of the debris has been swept up or swept into the gutter. Nahata now gets to go through the long and arduous process of working with her insurance agent to replace her car. We wish her well with that as we all think of similar stories of our own. Personally, I would like to have the young man driving the other car visit us and tell us what happened. I don't know why I want this ... it somehow just seems like the right thing to do. Will it happen? I doubt it, and I don't even know if it would help with anything. Maybe he should take on working with Nahata's insurance agent. Who knows? What I do know is this is a difficult street that people somehow treat differently than a 25 mile per hour residential street and that needs to stop. No pun intended.

By To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is the essential investment for the well-being of our planet.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Controlled Burn Completed on July 7th in Terra Linda

San Rafael Fire Department completed a controlled burn on July 7th in the Terra Linda area.

This burn was located between the ends of Montecillo Road and Diego Drive. The burn was conducted in conjunction with the Marin County Open Space District as part of an ongoing effort to control non-native Goat Grass that is in the area.

The burn was supported by personnel from the Marin County, Marinwood, Novato, Larkspur, and San Rafael fire departments. Personnel from the Open Space District were also on hand to assist and to monitor the burn area throughout the afternoon for any potential flare ups.
Pictures courtesy of Fire Commissioner Larry Luckham.

We successfully completed another goatgrass controlled burn in Terra Linda. I’d like to thank all the county and local fire teams who made this possible, especially San Rafael Fire for all their resources, support and leadership on the burn today, and Tim Walsh and Marin County Fire’s
 Tamalpais Crew who helped coordinate the burn, cut the line around the 3‐acre project, and co‐lead the burning effort.

I also want to thank our Superintendent, Brian Sanford for coordinating with the Fire
Departments and for feeding all the firefighters. Several neighbors came out to watch and show
their toddlers the fire engines. I received nothing but positive comments!
Until next year…

Mischon Martin