Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Best Bets & Newslets 9-5-11

• Community Emergency Response Teams (Tuesday night!)
• Have Your Property Taxes Reassessed?
• San Rafael City Council Candidates’ Forum – 9/21, 7-9pm, 620 Del Ganado Road!
• Smart Meters & PG&E
• Collage Playshops, Mill Valley
• The Art of the Eco Mind Shift
• SRPD Lieutenant Dan Fink safety tips
• Remembrance Writing 101
• 4th Saturday - Parks and Paths - Service Days - 4th Saturday of the month
• Coastal Cleanup – Locally!
• Awakened Action Dinner with Green Sangha
• Warm Wishes 7th Annual - Bocce Ball Tournament
• Glorious Marin County Open Space
• Marin Coalition – Candidates for San Rafael City Council
• San Rafael Mayoral Candidates’ Forum – 10/4, 7-9pm, 620 Del Ganado Road!
• Homeowners Save Energy Workshops
• San Francisco Offers Solar Program to Marin Businesses

CERT is Back!
Hello San Rafael Neighborhood Associations, Our September sessions of CERT Basic start Tuesday. The new Marin County CERT program is now just $30 and only 15 hours long. Training is at Station 2, the fire station right across the street from Whole Foods. Classes are every Tuesday evening from 6 - 9 beginning on Sept. 6 through Oct 4. Please visit www.marincountycert.org to sign up online via Paypal or download, print and mail in a check with the registration form.
Thanks and we hope you see you at class!
Angela Del Ponte
Emergency Services Coordinator
City of San Rafael Office of Emergency Services
1400 Fifth Avenue ~ San Rafael ~ CA ~ 94901
Office: 415-458-5002
Cell: 415-720-6196
Fax: 415-485-3177
Have Your Property Taxes Reassessed? Consider Carefully.
San Rafael City Council Candidates’ Forum – 9/21, 7-9pm, 620 Del Ganado Road!
Smart Meter Issues
A percentage of people continue to become ill and stay ill after SmartMeter installation on or near their homes. Some customers who have managed to retain their analog meters are suffering ill effects from neighborhood meters. Absolutely no policy or practice is in place to help these people. PG&E and CPUC will not address the dirty-electricity problem created by the meters' switching mode power supply, and neither will PG&E disclose the peak intensity of the over 22,000 pulses/spikes the meters make in a 24-hour period. Rather, PG&E continues to maintain that the meters are safe, while zapping TV viewers with colorful commercials featuring householders who have become titillated by the experience of tracking their SmartMetered energy use online. Customers who do not want SmartMeters installed are sometimes intimidated or told untruths by installers. The list of outrages goes on, and that's without touching the topic of long-term increases in health risks, such as DNA breaks, blood-brain barrier breaches, blood sugar disturbance, cancer . . . Pets can be affected also, as can all living tissue.
Then there's the privacy violation. If you missed it earlier, do watch this Southern California commentator's excellent 4-minute piece on the SmartMeter as a surveillance device! http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?p=5008.
My attorney and I have sent the Notice to PG&E that the above commentator recommends (with a couple of minor tweaks). I'm happy to send you a copy.
Another item of interest: A Swedish scientist at the Karolinska Institute (awards Nobel in Physiology/Medicine), recently wrote directly to our own California Public Utilities Commission about the serious health risks of wireless SmartMeters. http://www.scribd.com/doc/59738917/Dr-Johansson-s-letter-re-SmartGrid-Smart-Meter-dangers-to-CPUC-7-9-2011
This is well-assembled --a responsible, professional site.
Good coverage, so Finney (Channel 7 – ABC) must certainly be interested. (For some odd
reason this video includes a snippet of me speaking at a March CPUC
meeting). http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=news/7_on_your_side&id=8292440
The overall positive news is that awareness of the menace is spreading, not only in the Bay Area, but throughout the state, the U.S. and beyond (Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, Maine, Michigan, Illinois, British Columbia), and local resistance is making news in these areas. In Santa Cruz County protestors have launched petitions to recall their county sheriff because of his failure to enforce an installation-blocking ordinance very similar to Fairfax's. More people are getting sick, but as understanding increases, at least some are better able to link their symptoms with the pulsed radiation and dirty electricity produced by wireless meters. Many of you have already helped in this regard. Thank you.
Meanwhile, ten parties have filed legal protests to PG&E's inadequate and discriminatory opt-out proposal, one of which is a group that includes Marin County and Fairfax. Two pre-conference hearings before a CPUC administrative law judge have been held. Although CPUC President Peevey has excluded health concerns from the scope of the proceedings, most of the parties are valiantly keeping the topic alive.
Yesterday the City of San Rafael sent the excellent letter below to the CPUC and PG&E. The letter summarizes city/community concerns and past city action, states objection to PG&E's opt-out proposal and firmly reiterates the city's request that the SmartMeter program be suspended. I am gratified by city administration openness to input in drafting this piece, and frankly proud of the thoughtful final product. A few other California municipalities have sent letters objecting to the opt-out, but this is by far the finest that I've seen. Enjoy the read.
The overall positive news is that awareness of the menace is spreading, not only in the Bay Area, but throughout the state, the U.S. and beyond (Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, Maine, Michigan, Illinois, British Columbia), and local resistance is making news in these areas. In Santa Cruz County protestors have launched petitions to recall their county sheriff because of his failure to enforce an installation-blocking ordinance very similar to Fairfax's. More people are getting sick, but as understanding ncreases, at least some are better able to link their symptoms with the pulsed radiation and dirty electricity iroduced by wireless meters. Many of you have already helped in this regard. Thank you.

Meanwhile, ten parties have filed legal protests to PG&E's inadequate and discriminatory opt-out proposal, one of which is a group that includes Marin County and Fairfax. Two pre-conference hearings before a CPUC administrative law judge have been held. Although CPUC President Peevey has excluded health concerns from the scope of the proceedings, most of the parties are valiantly keeping the topic alive.

Yesterday the City of San Rafael sent the excellent letter below to the CPUC and PG&E. The letter summarizes city/community concerns and past city action, states objection to PG&E's opt-out proposal and firmly reiterates the city's request that the SmartMeter program be suspended. I am gratified by city administration openness to input in drafting this piece, and frankly proud of the thoughtful final product. A few other California municipalities have sent letters objecting to the opt-out, but this is by far the finest that I've seen. Enjoy the read.

On July 28, fifty members of the public spoke before the CPUC about SmartMeter problems, including many from San Rafael and other parts of Marin. It was the best showing yet on these issues! Thanks
go to the five of you first-time troopers on this list: Terra Linda resident Chandu Vyas, and Sun Valley neighbors Leslie Simons, Gayle Mills, Kim Hahn and Bob Ernst. Special appreciation goes to loyal,
oft-returning veteran Lisa Sangita Moskow. Noisy applause, everybody.


1) Send a copy of the San Rafael letter to your own city/town council
members and urge them to take similar action (Fairfax excepted,
because that mighty town already has its mighty ordinance, as does
unincorporated Marin).

2) Jump in and take a turn (or a repeat turn --whoopee!) at the next
CPUC meeting on Thursday morning, August 18. It's quick and dirty,
and it is meaningful and instructive to hear others speak of their
SmartMeter experiences and views. (If you'd like to entertain
yourself with a video sample of proceedings in advance, let me know.)

Some new info or newly-presented info re RF radiation and dirty
electricity. A sampling:

•Retired epidemiologist Sam Milham, outraged about SmartMeters, makes
a YouTube video in hopes that someone will listen.
•Kaiser study finds link between autism and mothers' exposure to non-
ionizing radiation (SmartMeter-type) during pregnancy.
•British scientist discusses how SmartMeters can cause both autism and
•Peak pulse intensity of SmartMeters still not disclosed by PG&E, but
possibly discovered through another source.
With continuing thanks for your interest,
Collage Playshops, Mill Valley
I will be hosting two Collage Playshops at the O'Hanlon Center for the Arts in Mill Valley. The first is on Sunday July 31, from 10am to 2pm. The second is on Thursday September 15 from 5-9pm. Each is only $30 for non-members and $24 for members of O'Hanlon. Please call 415-388-4331 to register and visit www.ohanloncenter.org for directions to their great facility. All materials are included so just bring yourself and a lunch for a fun time creating art! Please forward this to anyone you know who may be interested. Namaste, Elaine. Elaine Larson - elainelars@gmail.com
All Personnel:
On the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, we are once again planning an observation and announcement just prior to 0700 hrs on Sunday morning (see below). We have also added a "Moment of Remembrance at 1000 hrs.
As the sun rises on this 10th Anniversary of 9/11, many of us will be spending time with family, both at home and the firehouse. Some of us may be driving or traveling, yet all of us will remember where we were when we heard the news on 9/11 a short, but distant 10 years ago. I am sure you have not forgotten the place or time and the awe of it all, the unthinkable acts that were committed, the pain and suffering.the unexplainable loss and then, the unity, resolve and rebuilding...the healing.
This day has been proclaimed as Patriot Day and we ask that you join the Nation and remember those lost to the tragic events that unfolded before the world on September 11, 2001. Patriot Day is an opportunity to never forget what happened on 9/11, recapture the spirit of unity and compassion that inspired our Nation following these terrible attacks and dedicate ourselves to helping others in our communities. The World Trade Center Towers stood for 56 minutes and 102 minutes respectively after being attacked. They fell in 12 seconds. Contrary to a headline or two, things have changed since 9/11. And while time may help, it doesn't change how deep this series of terrible acts hurt so many. They really will never be the same for us and for many others around the world. Sure we may be better prepared for the next terrorist attack and this effort should serve to improve our readiness for all of our missions. However it doesn't change the fact that 343 FDNY Firefighters and 60 NYPD and Port Authority Police Officers never came home on 9/11 along with the over 2500 innocent people that died from these events on that tragic day.
Families of September 11
The National 9/11 Memorial will be dedicated on September 11, 2011 on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in a ceremony for victims' families. The memorial features the country's largest man-made waterfalls dramatically cascading into two sunken pools. These pools mark the footprints of the Twin Towers. Perhaps more poignantly, the names of 2,980 victims have been etched in granite around the edges of the memorial. The effect seeks to create closure for families of the nearly 40 percent of victims whose bodies were completely obliterated during the attacks.
On the 10th anniversary of the tragic loss suffered on September 11, 2001, we again honor the brave Americans who lost their lives that fateful day. IAFF 9/11 Video
Comm Center will be broadcasting a very brief message Sunday morning 9.11.2011. The suggested format is as follows:
6:58 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time
• All available fire department personnel assemble at attention in front of individual station flag pole (or central location in front of building)
• No recommended uniform of the day
• Company officer or designated person may choose to make brief remarks
• No badge shrouds
• Flag should be at half-staff by direction of the City
• Community involvement is welcome
• When assembled, maintain silence
6:59 a.m. PDT- Time of South Tower Collapse
• Comm Center will alert all stations and ring bells 5-5-5-5 (four sets of five chimes each), followed by "Comm Center Clear".
"Signal 5-5-5-5 is a tradition deeply rooted in the history of the Fire Department of New York... These bells honor the 343 FDNY Firefighters who answered their last alarm and made the ultimate sacrifice at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001... Comm Center Clear."
(5-5-5-5 Explanation.Long before telephones and radios, fire departments used the telegraph to communicate. When the handle was pulled on the once-familiar red fire alarm boxes found on nearly every street corner of America, a special code was transmitted to every fire station. When a firefighter died in the line of duty, the fire alarm office would tap out a special signal. That signal was five measured dashes, then a pause, then five measured dashes, another pause.then five more dashes. This became universally known as the Tolling of the Bell and was broadcast over all telegraph fire alarm circuits. This signal was a sign of honor and respect for all firefighters who had made the ultimate sacrifice and has become a time-honored tradition)
7:00 a.m. PDT - 1 Minute of Complete Silence
Suggested additional actions may include:
• Recognize any line of duty deaths neighboring departments have suffered in the past year
• Recite the Firefighters Prayer or comments about the safe return of our Firefighters and Police Officers as they respond to their daily duties of service
Dismissal - Each person as they choose
Firefighter's Prayer
When I am called to duty, God wherever flames may rage,
give me strength to save a life, whatever be its age.
Help me to embrace a little child before it's too late,
or save an older person from the horror of that fate.
Enable me to be alert to hear the weakest shout,
and quickly and efficiently to put the fire out.
I want to fill my calling and to give the best in me,
to guard my neighbor and protect his property.
And if according to your will I have to lose my life,
bless with your protecting hand my loving family from strife.
9.11 Moment of Remembrance
1000 hours a.m. PDT - On this 10th Anniversary of 9/11, at 1000 hours, Fire Personnel are also asked to cease any non-emergency activity for one minute and, as bells and sirens ring out, take a moment to honor the victims of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Fire personnel are authorized to briefly ring bells and sound sirens as we observe this a "Moment of Remembrance" and call on you to reflect on the lives lost and those affected by the tragedies of 9/11. http://www.lautenberg.senate.gov/stopandremember/
Please accept a few links with 9/11 information and tributes: nyc.gov/fdny/tribute tributewtc http://nymag.com/news/articles/wtc/1year/numbers.htm http://home2.nyc.gov/html/doh/wtc/html/services/9-11orgs.shtml
May we never forget this tragic loss.
Respectfully, Chris Gray, Fire Chief, "Our Mission.is to help"
The Art of the Eco Mind Shift
Contemplative Service for Peace
Sunday, September 11, 2011
4:00 - 5:00PM
Service will include silence, music, and sacred texts from the world's religions. Community Congregational Church, 145 Rock Hill Drive, Tiburon, RSVP to programs@marinifc.org In peace, Rev. Carol Hovis, Executive Director, Marin Interfaith Council
SRPD Lieutenant Dan Fink safety tips:
In response to last month’s child enticement case, we were asked to send out some information as to what to do if this happens again:
A. Call 911 immediately and report the following;
1. Location of incident. Direction the suspect was last seen.
2. Description of suspect. Attempt to remember as much information as possible. Begin from the top down- Hair, facial hair, shirt, pants, race, height, weight and age. Any unusual jewelry, tattoos, marks or scars.
3. Description of suspect vehicle. Very important to attempt to obtain the license plate number. Look for anything on the vehicle that stands out like bumper stickers, damage to vehicle, damaged or tinted windows.
4. If you have a cell phone and if it’s safe to do so, take a photograph of the suspect and/or suspect vehicle. You could also video record via cell phone. Please remember to do this ONLY if it is safe to do so.
B. Parents should talk to their children regarding this topic.
A. Do not talk to strangers.
B. Do not stop walking if a person is following you. If you feel you are being followed, find the first adult, house, or business you see and let them know you are being followed.
C. Do not ever stop and talk to person that is inside a vehicle.
D. Do not ever enter a car or approach a car if a person asks you to get in.
E. Make as much noise as possible if someone attempts to grab you and place you in a vehicle. Scream as loud as you can and fight as hard as you can.
F. Report suspicious people or vehicles to an adult immediately. Follow all the steps as above.
As always, please do not hesitate to call 911. Also please do not assume that someone else has called the police. Often times, we hear about crimes that happened days earlier from the neighborhoods but find out that the police were never notified the day of the crime. Time is our enemy in theses cases. The sooner we know about the information, the more likely it is we are able to solve the crime. If anyone has any other questions, please call Sergeant Jim Correa at 415-485-3195 or Lieutenant Dan Fink at 415-485-3148.

Changing Color Sign at Northgate 1 Planned, Violates Ordinance, Approved by Planning Commisison

Remembrance Writing 101
I've added Tuesdays to the Remembrance Writing 101 schedule. So, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Whistlestop, 2- 4 P.M. I usually get there by 1 P.M. to enjoy lunch in Jackson Cafe and chat with whoever shows up. Hope it's you! If you are enjoying some other writing experience, I do hope you'll let a friend know about RW 101! Also am celebrating the fact that a dear workshop writer enabled me to buy a "scanner." This means that I'll be able to add some of your precious photos to your writing chapbooks. So, please talk to me about your dreams for publishing your "writes!" I think I've finally come up with a reasonable fee that will compensate me somewhat for my time, but still make the prospect of publishing your chapbook very affordable! lovingly, Claudia P.S.: If you know anyone who is able, financially, to share in my mission "to give older adults a written voice," they may contribute in person at any workshop, or to Claudia Carroll / Dreamcatcher, P.O. Box 4152 San Rafael, CA 94913-4152 (A gift of $195 will allow me to publish a chapbook for someone who, not computer savvy, "hand-writes" their stories. This gift may be given to be used at my discretion, or for someone special you know in our Remembrance Writing 101 workshop). (Read some RW 101 writers!) http://www.claudiacarroll.biz/remembrance_writing_101 http://www.lulu.com/cjcarrollbooks
September 13-15, 2011 Santa Rosa, California - The Heirloom Vegetable and Seed Fair
Register at: theheirloomexpo.com
Tuesday, September 13, 2011 7PM - Keynote Speech by Jeffrey Smith
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 3PM - Activist Circle with Jeffrey Smith

September 16-17, 2011 San Francisco, California - California Biosafety Alliance - GMO Awareness Week, Join Vandana Shiva, Jeffrey Smith and others to raise awareness about GMOs.
Register at: http://biosafetyalliance.org/

Saturday, September 17th morning - Jeffrey Smith Panel : "Building the Movement: Goals and Strategies" Women's Building, 3543 18th St. # 8, San Francisco, CA 94110
Cost: Varies per event, scholarships are available.
Please visit the website above for more information and to register.

September 18, 2011 Petaluma, CA - GMO Speaker and Activist Training with Jeffrey Smith
Location: Petaluma Seed Bank, 199 Petaluma Blvd No., Petaluma, CA 94952
Cost: $80 Individual / $140 Couple Early Discount Before August 20th $70/$120
Partial scholarships are available please contact scholarships@responsibletechnology.org

Friday October 14-16, 2011 San Rafael, CA - Bioneers Conference
Sunday, October 16th
2:45-4:00pm - Panel with Andy Kimbrell. Genetic Engineering: The Battle for Safe Food, Public Health and Environmental Sovereignty
4:00-6:00pm - Activists' breakout sessions
Register at: http://www.bioneers.org/conference

October 29-30, 2011 Los Angeles, Greenfest LA
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S Figueroa St.
Saturday: Lecture and Activist Meeting
Register and More Info: http://www.greenfestivals.org/la/updates/

Sunday, October 30, 2011 Los Angeles, CA
9:30am - 5:30pm
Location: TBA
Cost: $80 Individual / $140 Couple Early Discount Before October 1st $70/$120
Partial scholarships are available please contact scholarships@responsibletechnology.org

November 12-13, 2011 San Francisco, CA Greenfest
Location: San Francisco Concourse
Saturday: Lecture and Activist Meeting
Register and More Info: http://www.greenfestivals.org/sf/updates/

Sunday, November 13, 2011 San Francisco, CA
9:30am - 5:30pm
Location: TBA
Cost: $80 Individual / $140 Couple Early Discount Before October 15th $70/$120
Partial scholarships are available please contact scholarships@responsibletechnology.org
You can also view all these events online here: http://responsibletechnology.org/lecture-calendar
What our alumni say about the training:
"The Speaker Training has given me a level of authority in any discussion regarding genetically modified organisms. I would rate my preparedness a 6 before the training and a 9 afterwards." L.B., Los Angeles
"Jeffrey's Training was chock full of compelling information and great visuals of the Power Point presentation. I appreciated his down to earth style, sense of humor and emphasis on the positive." B.U., New Paltz, NY "Jeffrey Smith's GMO Speaker Training is fantastic. Jeffrey's training really helped me pull together everything I've learned and focus on the most important aspects of the GMO issue. He taught us how to speak about the GMO issue, simply and succinctly. It's an invaluable training and highly recommended for everyone." S. F., Moms for Safe Food

4th Saturday - Parks and Paths - Service Days - 4th Saturday of the month
Mark your calendars just now for 9/24 Terra Linda Paths Project! – 9am to Noon – Meet at TL Rec!
Please bring gloves, a water bottle, and wear clothing appropriate to physical
work in the elements, including closed-toed shoes (no flip-flops, please).
Public Works Parks Division will provide extra gloves, litter sticks, all painting gear, trash bags
and tools tailored to the work at hand, as well as a water jug for refilling water bottles.
If you like, bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the park afterward, visit Wildcare Nature Center,
or take a walk downtown for lunch. You will be asked to sign a release form when you arrive.
NOTE REGARDING MINORS If coming with minors that are not your own, you must have their parent or legal guardian sign a Volunteer Service Agreement form before they arrive. Please call 415-485-3407 if you need more information.

Coastal Cleanup Day. Saturday, September 17, 9 am to noon. California Coastal Cleanup Day, an annual beach and inland waterway cleanup, is the state's largest volunteer event. In 2010, over 82,500 volunteers removed more than 1.2 million pounds of trash and recyclables from our beaches, lakes, and waterways. Act Locally and Join Safe Passage on Lucas Valley Road at 101 Lucas Valley Road (office building) in San Rafael, with closed-toed shoes, hats, and smiles.

Awakened Action Dinner and Fundraiser. Saturday, October 1, 5-8 pm.
This is one of the highlights of our year, as we celebrate Green Sangha's accomplishments and envision next year’s success. We will begin with a delicious, organic, vegetarian buffet dinner prepared by Ali Ghiorse of Savory Thymes. We will then gather for music, meditation, speakers, and a short film on Green Sangha.
This is our major fund-raising event of the year, and we are delighted to be hosted by Savory Thymes, whose mission is to convene artists, grassroots organizations, and activists in order to cross-pollinate ideas, build relationships and alliances, and provide a space to galvanize support for a wide variety of social and environmental initiatives (http://savorythymesevents.org/).
All proceeds will fund our programs of mindful practice and awakened action: the Garden Wheel, the Green Schoolyard at Davidson, Habitat Restoration & Litter Reduction, the Low Carbon Diet, Rethinking Plastics, Solar Cooking, and the Teen Environmental Leadership Academy. Tickets: $75-125.
Please mark your calendar for October 1. The location is Hillside Gardens in Mill Valley; shuttle service will be provided. More details to follow shortly.

Warm Wishes 7th Annual
Bocce Ball Tournament
Sunday, September 25, 2012
Check in 9:30am / Start 10:30 am

Come one come all and join in the FUN!
No experience necessary
Master of Ceremonies: Bill Hamm. Founder
Marin Bocce 550 B Street San Rafael
Tickets $45.00/$55.00 after Sept 1st
Includes Lunch, Beverages & Awards.
For information contact MarinLink 415-472-0211
Registration starts at 9:30 and Tournament begins at 10:30. Silent Auction closes at 2:00!
Save the date! Come assemble backpacks on December 3th at Unity of Marin, 8AM
Proceeds benefit the Holiday Homeless Backpack Project-our 18th year!
Mary O'Mara, MBA
MarinLink, Executive Director
5800 Northgate Suite 250 ( Mezzanine)
San Rafael, CA 94903

You might be able to help us on our trail use survey or may know others who might be interested. We are conducting a trail use survey on Open Space that will yield very important information for our Roads and Trails management plan. We hired Alta Planning & Design to oversee the survey but we are looking for volunteers to conduct the field survey to help keep costs down.
You have a strong commitment to our trails and know many members in the Marin Community. We are looking for 13 teams of two volunteers to commit to three 2-hour time slots (a morning, evening, and weekend). In addition, Volunteers are required to attend a short training on Thursday, Sept 15th from either 1:00-3:00pm or 6:00-8:00pm at the Parks Lucas Valley field office at 18 Jeannette Prandi Way in San Rafael.
Cheers, Greg
Here is the schedule and preserve locations:
Indian Valley The Quarry on Indian Valley FR/Clark-Malone Tr 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm
Rush Creek Binford Rd entry 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm
Mt. Burdell San Andreas Dr entry or at Hidden Lake 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm

TL/Sleepy Hollow Top of Mission Pass bikepath at Ridgewood/Top Cemetary FR 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm

San Pedro Mtn Top San Pedro Fr/Woodoaks Tr 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm

Cascade Canyon Cascade Dr/Canyon Rd entry 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm
San Geronimo Ridge San Geronimo Ridge @ Hunt Camp (western side of FR) 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm
Roys Redwoods Main entry/Nicasio Valley Rd @ the meadow 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm
White Hill White Hill FR @ top of White Hill Tr 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm

Baltimore Canyon Crown Rd @ Hoo-koo-e-koo Tr OR end of Madrone Ave/Madrone Canyon Tr 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm
Camino Alto Escalon FR/Del Casa FR 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm
Ring Mountain Ring Mtn FR @ top of Phyllis Elman Tr 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm
Blithedale Summit Railroad Grade @ Two Tanks 20 or 22-Sept 7:30-9:30AM
20 or 22-Sept 4:30-6:30PM
1-Oct 11:00-1:00pm

Greg Reza, VOLUNTEER PROGRAM COORDINATOR, 3501 Civic Center Dr. Suite 260, San Rafael, CA 94903, 415 499 3778 T

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 – 7-9pm
620 Del Ganado Road
County of Marin Home Energy Workshops
Are you interested in making your home more comfortable, durable and efficient? Would you like to earn rebates for upgrading? Come join us to learn how you can get started! These workshops will explore the benefits of home energy efficiency and will introduce you to a new state-wide rebate program available to homeowners for making home energy upgrades. You will hear informational and inspirational talks from home energy experts and have the opportunity to address concerns you have about your home. Meet local home performance professionals, enjoy light refreshments and mingle with other community members, too!
Thursday, September 8 7:00- 8:30 pm Tamalpais Valley Community Center, Mill Valley
Wed., September 14 7:00- 8:30 pm Marinwood Community Center, San Rafael
Monday, September 26 7:00- 8:30 pm San Rafael Community Center, San Rafael
For more information about the workshops, contact Ana Toepel at 415.473.4197 or energy@co.marin.ca.us. For information about Energy Upgrade California in Marin, go to www.co.marin.ca.us/energyupgrade.

San Francisco Offers Solar Program to Marin Businesses
The City of San Francisco Department of the Environment is pleased to announce an exciting new solar group purchasing program for small businesses and commercial property owners in the Bay Area called Solar@Work. What makes this program unique is not only the 20% group discount, but also the access to integrated financing options. Through the program's pre-negotiated solar lease or PPA options, participants can install solar for little to no money down and, for the first time, pay less for solar power than they pay for electricity from the grid. Solar@Work is a project of the World Resources Institute with support from the San Francisco Department of the Environment. Program participants will be accepted thru October 14, 2011. For more information contact renewables@sfgov.org or visit http://www.wri.org/project/technology/renewable-energy-and-efficiency/solar-at-work

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best Bets!
• Santa Margarita Neighborhood Cleanup Walkways - 9/17/11
• Support Warm Wishes - 9/25/11
• Ready, Set, Go! - Wildfire preparations
• Whistlestop July newsletter
• Terra Linda Game Night
• New Subdivision in Lucas Valley ?
• SMART Train Update
• Glean Team: Don't let your home-grown produce go to waste!
• SmartMeters continued
• Brewfest - 7/30/11
• County Development Codes to be amended
• Northgate's 2nd Annual 'Concerts Under the Oak' Series!
• The Community Media Center of Marin and
Marin TV Celebrate Two Years of Operations!
• Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Car Crash
Save the Date: Santa Margarita Neighborhood Cleanup Walkways - Saturday, 9/17/11, 9-Noon, T.L. Rec. Center sign in. Questions? Carolyn at 499-9234
Support Warm Wishes
Click the link below to download a Bocce Tournament Registration Form:
Click the link below to download a Bocce Tournament Sponsorship Form
Bill Hamm and MarinLink
invite you to
Warm Wishes 7th Annual Bocce Ball Tournament

Sunday, September 25, 2011
Check in 9:30am /Start 10:30 am
Albert Park 550 B Street San Rafael
Come one come all and join in the FUN!
No experience necessary
Master of Ceremonies: Bill Hamm
Tickets $45.00/$55.00 after Sept 1st
- Includes Lunch, Beverages & Awards.

PLEASE support Warm Wishes with a Bocce Ball Court Sponsorship $200
(also. consider donating an auction/raffle item!)

Raffle tickets are tax deductible:
5 tickets for $20.00! 15 for $50.00! 25 for $65.00!
For information contact MarinLink 415-472-0211
Registration starts at 9:30 and Tournament begins at 10:30. Silent Auction closes at 2:00!
Save the date!Come assemble backpacks on December 3rdat Unity of Marin, 8AM
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Entry Form (Please Print)
Make checks payable to Warm Wishes and mail to:
Warm Wishes 5800 Northgate Mall Suite 250, San Rafael 94903
Player # 1_________________________________ $_____
Player #2_________________________________ $______
Player # 3_________________________________ $______

Player # 4_________________________________ $______

Court Sponsorship:
Company: Name________________________________________
Phone_________________________________________________ $______
Also, I would like to purchase _______raffle tickets.
( 5 tickets for $20.0 0 15/$50.00, 25/$65.00) $______
I cannot come but would like to purchase ______raffle tickets $______
Wish I could be there..here is my donation to Warm Wishes! $______
TOTAL $_________

Deadline: All entries must be received by September10th ( fax 415-472-0221)
Bocce Ball Invitational
Bocce Ball Event Sponsorship - $1,000
• Lead sponsorship includes:
• Your company name on the Welcome Banner to be displayed at Tournament and December's Warm Wishes event.
• Your company name in all local advertising promotions and newspaper articles, press releases, day of event program.
• Your company name and company link on the Warm Wishes and MarinLink Websites.
• 8 Registration fees for the Bocce Ball Invitational ($400.00 value).
Luncheon Sponsorship - $500.00
• Luncheon sponsorship includes:
• Your company name on the Welcome Banner to be displayed at Tournament and December's Warm Wishes event.
• Your company name in all local advertising promotions and newspaper articles, press releases, day of event program.
• Your company name and company link on the Warm Wishes and MarinLink Websites.
• 4 Registration fees for the Bocce Ball Invitational ($200.00 value).
Court Sponsorship - $200 (Eight Available)
• Your company name on the Welcome Banner to be displayed the day of the event and at the December's Warm Wishes Event.
• Your company name displayed on the court the day of the event
• Your company name in all local advertising promotions, newspaper articles, press releases, day of event program.
• 2 Registration fees for the Bocce Ball Invitational ( $100.00 value)
Beverage Sponsorship - $200
• Your company name on the Welcome Banner to be displayed the day of the event and at the December's Warm Wishes Event.
• Your company name in all local advertising promotions, newspaper articles, press releases, day of event program.
• 2 Registration fee for the Bocce Ball Invitational ($100.00 value).
Awards Sponsorship - $150
• Your company name on the Welcome Banner to be displayed the day of the event and at the December's Warm Wishes Event.
• Your company name in all local advertising promotions, newspaper articles, press releases, day of event program.
• 1 Registration fee for the Bocce Ball Invitational ($50.00 value).
Silent Auction and Raffle Items gratefully accepted! Please call MarinLink to donate415-472-0211!
Here is the Sponsorship Form
Your Name __________________________________________________________

Business Name._______________________________________________________

Work Phone____________________________Cell Phone_______________________________

Company Address______________________________City____________St._____Zip______

Email Address__________________________Logo sent in________________

Charge card number____________________________MC__Visa __Other__Exp date________

Check Payable MarinLink/Warm Wishes: I have enclosed a check for: $____________

Questions? Contact: Mary O'Mara to secure your sponsorship for the "Warm Wishes Bocce Ball Invitational"
info@warmwishes.org415-472-0211 non profit # 20-0879422
"I wondered why somebody didn't do something, then I realized I was somebody." Unknown Author
Ready, Set, Go - Preparing for a Wildfire!
Whistlestop July Bulletin - http://issuu.com/pacificsun/docs/wsxp_july2011?viewMode=magazine&mode=embed
CPC Terra Linda Game Night
Biweekly Fridays, 6 pm - 9 pm
Christ Presbyterian Church
620 Del Ganado
Check www.cpcterralinda.org for updates, or 'Like' our page on Facebook
to get announcements and make game requests.
We have a large library of games, and you may bring in your own, or make requests for either games to be brought in or for players for special games. We have a nice mix of party, casual and heavier gamers.
New Subdivision in Lucas Valley ? The project plans for the Rocking H 1 project are now on-line:http://egovwebstg.marinpublic.com/depts/CD/Main/comdev/CURRENT/major_projects.cfm
SMART Train Update
The Downtown Station Area Plan Workshop #2 Summary Report has been completed and can be viewed online here: http://www.cityofsanrafael.org/Assets/CDD/Planning/DT+SAP+Workshop+2+Summary+06+2011.pdf
Join the MO Glean Team!
from Marin Organic farms to your schools and community centers
Glean with us this Tuesday, July 5th, at both Indian Valley and County Line!
Gleaned food is produce which would otherwise be left in the fields because it doesn't meet the strict aesthetic requirements of restaurants and retail markets. This can account for up to 20% of what is grown, and throughout the year may include potatoes, squashes, spinach, leeks, beets, carrots, arugula, lettuces, meats, eggs, yogurt, ice cream and more!
So far over 130,000 pounds of local certified organic products have been gleaned and delivered to participating schools, camps, and underserved communities throughout Marin, offsetting their costs and therefore allowing them to serve local and organic options while staying within their limited budgets. Each week the program enables 10,000 children to eat organic foods grown from Marin soils.
Join our Glean Team today! There's plenty of food to glean and so many people to feed. Many hands make light work. Please contact Program Manager Scott Davidson at (415) 663.9667 or scott@marinorganic.org.
MO Glean Team in the News:
District One Supervisor News Bulletin
SmartMeter Update
PG&E was one of the first utilities in the U.S. or Canada to roll out wireless meters, but as others begin, it is gratifying and helpful to see fierce opposition arise --Southern California, Maine, Texas, Connecticut, Illinois, British Columbia . . .Here's an account of a lively Santa Barbara meeting: http://www.independent.com/news/2011/jul/06/smart-meter-smack-down/ Although health effects remain at the top of the list of the objections to SmartMeter technology, privacy is a close second. You'll appreciate this attention-getting four-minute commentary on privacy issues: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?p=5008
An apt look at the situation --worth a read. (Link to original at bottom.)
Sonoma County Citizens Against Wireless Radiation is a group of retired teachers, parents, grandparents and concerned citizens.

Save the Humans
Standing up against Smart Meters

By Sonoma COunty Citizens Against Wireless Radiation

What an interesting idea! We have "Save the Dolphins, Whales, Planet,
Ecosystem, Animals," and many other such groups. How is it possible
that we are willing to care for salamanders but not for our fellow
human beings, whose health is being compromised by society's obsession
with the personal conveniences of wireless, radiation-emitting

Smart meters and other wireless, radiation-emitting technologies are
causing many of us, at least 3 to 15 percent of the population,
according to California Department of Health's statistics, to develop
electromagnetic hypersensitivity-or worse. Why are people being
marginalized, made sick and forced to become environmental refugees?
Many have had to leave their homes in search of a new place to live
without wireless radiation. This has become almost impossible with the
advent of smart meters.

There is mounting evidence from the US Army, scientists and physicians
going back to the 1950s showing the effects of wireless
electromagnetic radiation on the human body at a cellular level. In
May, the World Health Organization and the International Agency for
Research on Cancer classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields
as possibly carcinogenic to humans based on an increased risk for
gliomas, which are malignant types of brain cancer associated with
wireless phone use. Mobile phone use is listed in the same
"carcinogenic hazard" category as DDT, lead, engine exhaust and
chloroform. Cell towers, wi-fi, smart meters, DECT phones, cordless
phones and other wireless devices emit the same non-ionizing
electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones.

Some of the other adverse health effects include depression,
cardiovascular disorders, sterility, autism, neurodegenerative
diseases, leukemia, strokes, breast cancer, brain cancer, acoustical
neuromas, breathing dysfunctions, confusion, ear pain, tinnitus,
headaches and many other symptoms.

We are calling on you, "the People," to help protect the health of all
members of our communities from the exponentially increasing danger of
electromagnetic radiation. Write to your state and federal
legislators, the California Public Utilities Commission and the
governor, asking them to stop the smart meter program and adopt the
precautionary principle toward all forms of wireless radiation.
The EMF Safety Network has launched a new short survey on "Wireless Utility Meter Safety Impacts." I completed the 25 questions in a couple of minutes. You can take the survey whether or not you have a new meter on your home, in your neighborhood or area. It's anonymous, of course, unless you choose to make comments that can be shared.

Please take it if you're interested, and pass it on to others, especially to people who have experienced problems of any kind as a result of SmartMeter installation. The data will be helpful to the Network.


Onward, Vicki

Friday, July 29, 6:30-8pm, Oak Plaza by Kohl's
Northgate's 2nd Annual 'Concerts Under the Oak' Series!
This month, we have the Department of Rock coming to light up the stage! By day, these five agents run the Department of Rock. By night, they defend your right to party with extraordinary "Rock Hero" abilities. You'll rock out to the best rock music of the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond. You will explode with satisfaction hearing these songs exactly as you remember them. The Department of Rock and its agents have performed, recorded and worked with some of the greatest national and international producers, recording artists, and pro-audio companies in the world such as members of Aerosmith, Journey, Tesla, Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, White Stripes, Metallica, Linkin Park, Buck Cherry and Ronnie Montrose.
BJ's Brewhouse will again be serving up their refreshing beers and our featured restaurant for the night? Panera Bread!! Come early to grab a table or feel free to bring your own seats! The concerts will be held on the last Friday of the month, June-September. A portion of the food and beverage proceeds will again benefit the San Rafael Promenade path. More details can be found on our website link below or on the attached flyer.
Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Car Crash
Hi Carolyn,
As the neighborhood watch woman maven, you might be interested to know that there was a huge crash right in front of our home last night (12:12am) that totaled my roommates car parked on the street. I was standing in my bedroom and listened to the longest sound of metal on metal I have ever heard except in movies. Because it was so close I was waiting to feel the house shake thinking a car was headed for our garage.

After informing my roommate Nahata that her car just got crashed into (because I could now see something of what happened from my little catwalk outside my bedroom), we went downstairs to ever increasing people pouring from their homes. The terrifying sound was so very loud for a much longer than usual time. This was no car smashing into a car and then the sound dies.

Here right behind Ric and my cars parked in our driveway is a newer SUV turned over, smashed to hell and right behind it on the street is Nahata's car with a huge deep gash all along the top of it. Glass, car bits, sleeping bags, tree limbs, shrubbery debris is everywhere piled up on the sidewalk and driveway. Flashlights, concerned people in their pajamas (some are barefoot ... not a good idea) are looking into the car that is on it's back like a smashed turned over beetle or turtle to see how many people are inside and are they alive. That was the worst part. Did someone pay with their life or with their future ability to be normal? Silent prayers were in the space amidst the talk of 'did you hear this?' and 'I was in my bedroom when I heard this huge sound' and "I was just locking my front door as the sound stopped me in my tracks', 'last time their was an accident on this road was ....'. It was the normal talk of this abnormal incident. The talk that comes when we want to calm ourselves and make sense of this thing that came from nowhere in the middle of the night.

As light is appearing on the scene from my other roommate Ric opening our garage door and pulling out a painters lights the police start arriving. People are shouting 'don't move him' to whoever thinks its a good idea to move the driver ... now determined to be the only one the car. Someone says, 'his head is bleeding'. I can't look at that part so I focus on the surrounding horror.

As we are all milling telling our version of the story, the firetrucks arrive with the EMTs, the police are now fully on the scene and some sort of order descends upon what is never orderly. We collectively think we are grateful to live in such a place that order can descend on something like this and that people trapped in cars now upturned with such disorder can be taken care of and walk again.

As I walk south past the wreck on the sidewalk, I see that the corner of shrubbery on our property has been taken out. It is clear this was a different trajectory than someone running into a parked car which is why the sound went on for as long and terrifyingly as it did. Then I listen as a neighbor from down the road states they heard the car going 'really, really fast' past their house. They estimated 75 miles an hour. Of course it is impossible to know, but .... I think 'yeah, I have seen cars going really, really fast on this road'.

I stayed up long enough to know that the young man driving was extracted safely and taken to the hospital with no more than cuts and bruises (thank God). As he lay on the gurney he kept saying how sorry he was. His license plate was from Nevada. One if the cop standing around said he will be alright. We were all so relieved to hear that. Broken metal on cars is so much easier to take than broken bodies that can't or won't ever mend.

I awoke this morning and walk down the street. Now in the light of day, one can see that the trajectory of the car was straight from the corner of Corte La Paz where the car should have made a turn and didn't. It hit the neighbors yard, the wheels turned ever so slightly by the bolders placed on the ground for what looks like just such a purpose, ran into the shrubbery bordering our property, which looks like it curved it again and cruised the top of Nahata's car by now turned over and landing on it's back.

End of story? No. Just the beginning for my friend and her car and for the young man driving and his car. She is being about as graceful as one can hope to be in this mess. End of story for the cars that speed on this road? I hope not. There were many stories that came forward from the milling crowd about how Las Gallinas used to be really unsafe until they changed it to what we see today. Used to be unsafe? Jeez. I listen every day to cars going 40-50 miles an hour in what I think is a 25 miles an hour zone. Put a couple cops on this street and the coffers of San Rafael will be filled with all the speeding ticket money is a thought I have had many times.

I am so happy no one was seriously injured and hope that it won't take that for us to respond to what clearly needs to be another assessment of the mini-freeway that Las Gallinas has turned into between Freitas and Lucas Valley. Now as the weekend bicyclists make their usual ride past our house, I can hear the various versions 'oh my, what happened' as people see the remaining bits of broken glass that surrounds my friend's totaled car. Without knowing what actually happened, it is inconceivable to imagine how her car could look the way it does as it sits there innocently on the road. It is still the site of a serious accident, although the other car has long since been towed and most of the debris has been swept up or swept into the gutter. Nahata now gets to go through the long and arduous process of working with her insurance agent to replace her car. We wish her well with that as we all think of similar stories of our own. Personally, I would like to have the young man driving the other car visit us and tell us what happened. I don't know why I want this ... it somehow just seems like the right thing to do. Will it happen? I doubt it, and I don't even know if it would help with anything. Maybe he should take on working with Nahata's insurance agent. Who knows? What I do know is this is a difficult street that people somehow treat differently than a 25 mile per hour residential street and that needs to stop. No pun intended.

By www.yoursoulfulgarden.com To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is the essential investment for the well-being of our planet.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Controlled Burn Completed on July 7th in Terra Linda

San Rafael Fire Department completed a controlled burn on July 7th in the Terra Linda area.

This burn was located between the ends of Montecillo Road and Diego Drive. The burn was conducted in conjunction with the Marin County Open Space District as part of an ongoing effort to control non-native Goat Grass that is in the area.

The burn was supported by personnel from the Marin County, Marinwood, Novato, Larkspur, and San Rafael fire departments. Personnel from the Open Space District were also on hand to assist and to monitor the burn area throughout the afternoon for any potential flare ups.
Pictures courtesy of Fire Commissioner Larry Luckham.

We successfully completed another goatgrass controlled burn in Terra Linda. I’d like to thank all the county and local fire teams who made this possible, especially San Rafael Fire for all their resources, support and leadership on the burn today, and Tim Walsh and Marin County Fire’s
 Tamalpais Crew who helped coordinate the burn, cut the line around the 3‐acre project, and co‐lead the burning effort.

I also want to thank our Superintendent, Brian Sanford for coordinating with the Fire
Departments and for feeding all the firefighters. Several neighbors came out to watch and show
their toddlers the fire engines. I received nothing but positive comments!
Until next year…

Mischon Martin

Sunday, February 27, 2011

BEST BETS: Events and Newslets

  • Affordable Housing

  • Marin Sonoma Concours d'Elegance

  • Free CPR training in March!

  • Marin Teen Girls Conference

  • San Rafael City Snapshot e-news

  • Clothing Swap Fun!

  • Two Marinwood Burglaries

  • George's Club at Senior Access

  • Fire & Ice Ball

  • 11th Annual Marin Library Book Sale

  • Report from San Rafael Fire Chief

  • Anecdotal Experiences with SmartMeters

  • SMART train planning

  • Gap Closure Project Celebration !

  • The Economics of Happiness ; )

  • Corporate Control? Not in These Communities

  • Beautiful Sebastopol House Share - $550

Affordable Housing

NPH and Greenbelt Alliance are excited to share with you an advance copy of our “Miles from Home” report. We think it’s worth the wait! To download a copy, click on the link at the end of this email.

Miles from Home” highlights the terrible impact the lack of workforce housing has on the environment and traffic in Marin County. As you will see in the report, we have an opportunity to preserve Marin's position of environmental leadership by increasing affordable housing opportunities so that more people who serve Marin can live closer to where they work.

The release of “Miles from Home” is a tremendous opportunity to shift the public discourse on affordable housing from one based on myths and fear to one based on facts and the needs of the community. But in order to take back the discourse we need to keep the momentum going after the report is made officially public Thursday morning. The best way we can sustain this momentum is to submit as many Letters to the Editor as possible to local publications that do stories about “Miles from Home”.

We hope that we can count on you to be among those who submit a Letter to the Editor. I will follow up with links to any articles that are written, but wanted to give you the heads up now. The letters will be most effective if we begin drafting them right now in anticipation of the press coverage of “Miles from Home” we hope to see on Thursday and Friday.

In addition to the link below, I have included a press release to aid you in drafting a Letter to the Editor. It is critical that all of the letters we submit reinforce a similar message: to preserve Marin's position of environmental leadership, we need to increase affordable housing opportunities so that more people who serve Marin can live closer to where they work.

If you need any further guidance or assistance feel free to contact me. *Please send me a copy of any Letters to the Editor you do submit to publications. Click on the yellow link to download the report:https://www.yousendit.com/download/T2pIV28zcVgwMEZFQlE9PQ

Thank you!
Melody Lopez, Program Coordinator
Marin Community Housing Action Initiative
The Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California
(415) 491-4731 - melody@nonprofithousing.org

FREE CPR Saturday coming up on March 12.


Sponsor a girl for the day to attend the


On March 5, 2011

Help support the future face of Marin women

by sponsoring a Marin Teen Girl today.

YES! I want to SPONSOR_____girls at $25each


The purpose of this conference is to create a safe forum for Marin's teenage girls to explore their place in the world, gain confidence to make good choices and experience local community support that helps to make their dream a reality

Please tell all the 13-18 year old girls you know to COME! Scholarships are available!


Make checks payable to CAM/MWC and mail today!

Check out our website at www.marinteengirl.org

Your contribution may be tax deductible.

Contact your tax professional for further information


Address ________________________

City, State,Zip ________________________

Hosted by the Marin Women's Commission

Please add that you are from the O'MARA TEAM!

Checks can be sent directly to the Conference or to my address below:

Thank you for your support!


Mary O'Mara, MBA

MarinLink, Executive Director

5800 Northgate Suite 250 ( Mezzanine)

San Rafael, CA 94903

Office: 415-472-0211

Cell: 415-259-8334

fax: 415-472-0221

City News in the e-newsletter "Snapshot" from Interim City Manager



Host: Millie Anderson - millieander@comcast.net

Phone: 415-987-8636

When: Saturday, March 19 from 02:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Where: Dance With Sherry Studio4140 Redwood Hwy, Ste 8 Terra Linda, CA 94903



DATE: February 22, 2011

Released By: Lt. Barry Heying 415-499-7272

On Friday February 18, 2011 Sheriff's Deputies responded to two reports of residential burglary in Marinwood. Deputies determined that one home in the 300 block of Blackstone Drive had been forcibly entered between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 5:25 p.m. Friday. The resident reported returning home to find the front door forced open and off its hinges. The home was ransacked with jewelry and loose change taken.

The second home in the 2800 block of Heatherstone Drive, was entered forcibly between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. Friday with thieves prying open side door to the garage. Taken from that home were two large flat screen televisions, an X-Box video game system and loose change. The suspects also cut the phone lines to the home.

Deputies canvassed the neighborhood Friday evening for witnesses.

Given the fact that some large items were taken, the suspects undoubtedly used a vehicle to leave the scene.

Writing down a license number of a suspicious vehicle can be very helpful and can often help deputies to solve theft cases. Residents are asked to be observant of people and activities in their neighborhood and report suspicious persons to their local law enforcement agency.

Anybody with information should call sheriff's detectives at 499-7265 or remain anonymous and possibly receive a cash reward by calling Bay Area Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS.

George's Club at Senior Access is an important place for families living with dementia and chronic health conditions. For a family member who is living with dementia, it is creative arts, music, exercise and camaraderie. For the family caregiver it is respite, giving the gift of time.

There are compelling personal stories of how a traumatic injury turned Ray Lorber into a family caregiver without warning and Kim Belgarde's father was hospitalized while taking care of her mother, who lived with Alzheimer's disease. It is often overwhelming. And that's when you need your neighbors the most.

George's Club at Senior Access might be the neighbor you need if you are a family living with memory loss. Neighbors helping neighbors, we're here for you.

Thank you for welcoming us into the neighborhood!

Warmly, Cris Chater

Executive Director, Senior Access, www.senioraccess.org

Mimi Schreiber, Marketing Director, Senior Access


Mill Valley CERTs, you may be interested in attending and supporting
the second annual Fire and Ice Ball in Sausalito on April 2 this year.

Saturday, April 2, 2011
511 Caledonia Street
Sausalito, CA 94965
6:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m
MCs Darya Folsom from KRON in the morning & sportscaster Vernon Glenn from KRON
Live Music, Entertainment, Silent Auction, Finger Food, No-host Bar, and more surprises..

For more information, go to www.friendsofsmcert.org

This event was very successful last year and raises money to equip the three CERT trailers which store emergency equipment at the three
Southern Marin fire stations, Sausalito (Station One), Tam Valley (Station Four), and Strawberry (Station Nine). These trailers can
be hauled to locations affected by major disasters, and utilized by CERTs. It's a good cause.

11th Annual Book Super Sale to Benefit County Libraries

It’s that time again! The 11th annual Book Super Sale happens on the weekend of March 26/27 at the National Guard Armory in San Rafael (Armory Drive across from the Civic Center). The sale is FREE to the public both days from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Members get in prior to general hours (Saturday 8-10 a.m.) Memberships are available at the door for $25.00.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Marin County Free Library, the sale features more than 30,000 books in 35 popular categories. This event is our largest and only event held outside of our ongoing retail outlet (Book Place, 1608 Grant Avenue). Note that half of what will appear at the sale was never offered at our store.

This year we’ve reduced prices for most categories! That means even bigger savings for attendees. Prices start at 50¢ for small-size paperbacks, and hardback books range from $1-2 in most categories. Children’s books will be 25-75¢. Support your County libraries while stocking up on some real finds. Better Books and collectibles are individually-priced. Pricing is reduced further on Sunday, and a Bag Sale wraps up the event Sunday afternoon. Cash or check only, please.

A Silent Auction will take place Saturday with items available for viewing around 10am, and the bidding between 10:25-10:45.

Proceeds will benefit the ten branches of the Marin County Free Library.

Follow the signs to locate the Armory. For more information, a list of auction items, and a map, please visit the Friends website at http://marinlibraryfriends.marin.org; email inquiries may be sent to mcflfriends@pacbell.net.

From the San Rafael Fire Chief to All Personnel:

Please accept of few updates on Fire related activities and initiatives:

1) Please accept my personal thanks and appreciation for your continued efforts. Recent saves of both people and property, continue to demonstrate the value and capability of the men and women that serve with the San Rafael Fire Department.

2) As you all know, we lost our dear friend and Fire Commission Chairman, Chuck Daniels late last year. A brief tribute to Chuck"In Memoriam" is now available on our website. We are pleased to report that Dr. Stephen Mizroch was elected Chair of the San Rafael Fire Commission at our meeting last week. Commissioner Larry Luckham was elected Vice-Chair. We will be interviewing candidates to fill our Commission vacancy on March 21st. Updated information concerning the San Rafael Fire Commission is available on our website.

3) For the past several years, the Marin County Fire Department - Tam Fire Crew has been graciously hosted by the Novato Fire Protection District at FS #5. The Tam Fire Crew is a nine month seasonal Fire Crew that has grown from a Pilot Program and provides Marin County with a 13 person crew for emergency/non-emergency work under the capable guidance of Fire Captain/Crew Superintendent Tim Walsh (SUP 15). Over the past few months, we have been discussing an opportunity to allow the Tam Crew to utilize FS #3 at 30 Joseph Ct., which has essentially not been staffed for the past 17 years. Fire Station #3 (Camp 15) appears to be well suited for the Tam Crew's needs and ideally situated. Between the two agencies, we believe we can make the necessary improvements to have the Tam Crew in place for the start of the fire season in June. Based on our agreement to date, the Tam Crew has begun improving the facilities at FS #3. San Rafael and the Tam crew will be working together to clean up the living area of the facility and grounds. Plans and challenges are also being addressed for future expansion into the apparatus area. This partnership will be good for San Rafael, Marin County and the Tam Crew and also allows us to continue to build upon an already great relationship. The Tam Crew has provided outstanding emergency and preventative work in San Rafael. A good example of recent efforts include the fuel reduction project that was completed last week along the Scettrini Fire Road (see attached) and please accept a link to a few Tam Crew Pictures. We are currently working to draw up an agreement with Marin County for the use of the facility. The crew will be off for the next three months and starting operations once again in July 2011. Captain Tim Walsh will remain on-duty making preparations for this year's firefighting and fuel reduction and efforts. Please extend a warm welcome to Captain Walsh (Sup 15) and the Crew members. Also, be sure to offer them any assistance and support you can as we make this worthwhile transition.

4) Please be advised that Probationary Firefighter/Paramedic Sean Holleman has separated from the department. As you can expect, the SRFD will continue to maintain its high standards of demonstrated capability, care and compassion for all personnel. Sean came by for a visit today and was in good spirits, thankful for the opportunity here and optimistic about the future. He already has a few good prospects. We are appreciative of the department's efforts to assist Sean during his time with the SRFD and wish him the best of success in the future.

5) Following our EMS delivery system enhancements over the past two years, we continue to have a percentage of calls that require the use of outside agencies and the number of incidents continues to grow. To address this, we will be introducing an SRFD managed Basic Life Support (BLS) level of EMS to San Rafael. At this time, we are planning to use hourly EMT's from personnel utilized to form the Marin County Tam Crew. Personnel will potentially be assigned to a peak load schedule on a part-time basis. The BLS Unit will compliment our existing ALS service with SRFD managed BLS care. The additional tier of service adds value and capability; greater efficiency; provides additional capacity and opportunities within and beyond EMS Area B; serves as a unique recruitment venue; does not threaten or replace current positions; does not increase OT and demonstrates financial leadership during difficult times. Both Fire Chiefs are supportive of the partnership to utilize hourly EMT's from the Tam Crew. This effort keeps a portion of the Tam Crew here year round, balances their experience and once again, will serve as a recruitment opportunity for San Rafael of qualified individuals. We will be working with the SRFA and Marin County to address the various steps necessary to place the SRFD BLS unit into service over the coming months. No decision has been made on where the BLS unit will be stationed.

6) We are continuing to discuss a DRAFT framework for a "No Cost" Initial Action Agreement between San Rafael and Marinwood. The new agreement has minimal impact along with a potential change in the map boundaries for E-58 (see attached). We were directed to draft this solution and Chief Roach has stated that he supports it. Although nothing has been finalized at this point, any modification to the map boundaries should only impact the potential assignment of a single engine response (fire alarm, medical or hazard investigation). In the mean time, there is no change to our existing agreement which continues until June 30, 2011.

7) Concurrently, we are also pursuing the potential re-assignment of Medic 56 to FS #3 at 30 Joseph Ct. We expect to initiate this by July 1, 2011. The move will actually allow us to more effectively respond to medical incidents in San Rafael. We will be working to see that appropriate personnel, facility and equipment needs are met to accomplish this effort.

8) We have four current vacancies and will experience several expected retirements over the next several months. We also do not have a current Firefighter/Paramedic eligibility list. We are currently working with the City and SRFA on how to best address recruitment and hiring and should have further information on both hiring and promotions in the next 30 days.

9) Once again, the media is focusing on Public Safety salaries. In some respects this hasn't changed much since I started and can recall a headline in the late 70's when it was reported that an LA County Firefighter/Paramedic had earned over 100k in salary. What the article didn't say is that the department had a large number of vacancies at the time and this individual spent most of his life at the firehouse helping people and the department. In other respects though, the current economy and a negative sentiment of public salaries and pensions in light of the Bell fiasco, make telling the story today a bit more challenging. I firmly believe though, that we generally have a compelling story to tell about our services (well maybe not always.60 Minutes called me once about a fire investigator.) and that we continue to maintain an outstanding level of public support. We are also doing our best to be fiscally accountable with our budget while managing a wide range of fire department responsibilities, personnel and resources, in a cost effective and efficient manner. In my discussions with the Marin IJ yesterday, we went over how we accomplish and maintain staffing in order to obtain 24/7 coverage and that our authorized strength is cost effectively limited to 69 personnel and that we use Firefighters that are off-duty to fill vacancies on both a voluntary and mandatory basis as they occur. Obviously the impact of not filling vacancies is the temporary closure of a fire company and it is the desire of our City Council, Community and this Fire Chief, to keep all Fire Stations open and fully staffed at all times. We also discussed the effectiveness of the 56 hour work schedule that Firefighters maintain and the 2912 hours worked over the year or roughly 1/3rd of the time away from their families. We reviewed the varying ability of Firefighters to work voluntary overtime depending on their personal circumstances and went over the vacancies rate in 2009, in addition to the leave created by vacation, sickness and injury. Also identified the cost difference in most cases between paying OT vs. new hire w/full benefit load and that some staffing costs are attributed to our participation with the Master Mutual Aid Plan in California and the result of Strike Team assignments (up to two weeks) and that the reimbursement is generally provided to the City. Also discussed the measures we use to guard against stress and fatigue, public perceptions of compensation paid to Public Servants and working within the approved budget. Identified we are trying to achieve a balance of available staffing hours amongst eligible firefighters and that the use of OT went down in 2010 due to filling vacancies and lower Statewide fire activity all the while providing an outstanding level of service to the San Rafael Community.

10) Our wellness evaluations are coming up. Thank you for your ongoing support of this worth while life saving initiative. It certainly does this Chief's heart good as well as your own, to see the coordinated company level fitness activity and interest in nutrition. We hope to continue enhancing our program and appreciate the contributions with equipment, participation and effort.after all, it's for life and family.

11) We ask that you continue to keep Marin County Fire Department Engineer Jamie Byrnes in your thoughts and prayers. Jamie has some challenges ahead and needs the ongoing support of our Fire Family. It can happen to any one of us at any time. Life is precious.

Help out wherever you can, we can make a huge difference in people's lives.




NSRC members hosted guests from the Sun Valley Neighborhood Association at the home of Carolyn Lenert last Thursday. The visitors talked about health and electrical problems resulting from PG&E’s recent installation of wireless SmartMeters. The concerned SVNA residents are seeking to raise awareness and to appeal for help from the city council, reasoning that people in other neighborhoods may be experiencing difficulties also, or may be apprehensive about longer-term risks.

A sampling of Sun Valley residents’ experiences:

Kim felt fine in the morning, and by late afternoon was in bed with an excruciating headache and severe ringing in her ears. By nighttime her husband found the culprit --a new electric SmartMeter installed on the side of their house earlier that day, despite a promise from PG&E that installation would be delayed until the next year. This woman cannot find full relief anywhere in her home, and repeated calls to PG&E to remove the meter have been met with refusal. Seated side-by-side in Carolyn’s Terra Linda living room Thursday night, the couple told how their lives changed in a single day. “I was in excellent health before the meter was installed, Kim said. “Since then I have frequent splitting headaches. Tinnitus and fatigue are constant. I often feel disoriented and unable to focus or follow thoughts. I cannot sleep without medication, and in desperation we’ve pitched a tent outside, away from the house. Recently I’m experiencing nausea, and sometimes can’t work.” Bob put a hand on Kim’s shoulder. “It’s a nightmare,” he said, “--an awful ordeal spanning almost five months now.” His voice was choked. “She’s just not the same person. She’s seen doctors, we’ve hired an electrician, an electrical engineer, an expert in filtering electricity --the money is going, and she’s still miserable.”

From a man who lives on another block: “I can no longer sleep in my own bedroom. In October, without my knowledge or permission, PG&E installed a SmartMeter three feet from where I laid my head at night. Since then I’ve experienced heart palpitations, heart arrhythmia and insomnia. I sleep better in another room, but the arrhythmia is still an issue. Houses on either side of mine have SmartMeters facing my house, fifteen feet from my walls. To feel unsafe in my own home is deeply disturbing to me. But I’m even more concerned about the two little girls --six and nine-- who live in a neighboring house and now have a meter attached to the wall of their shared bedroom.”

Another Sun Valley man began suffering serious sleep disturbance two days after a SmartMeter was installed on his neighbor’s home; he does not have is own meter yet.

After two meters were installed at a rented duplex, one tenant began having migraines, debilitating fatigue, agitation, and concentration/memory problems. The other tenant has recently been hospitalized with severe anxiety and agitation “never experienced before in my life.”

Two more residents have had major, potentially-costly electrical problems, including malfunctioning appliances and dead outlets. One of these homeowners was told she would have to rewire her entire kitchen. Fortunately the other resident alerted her to the cause: her new SmartMeter. She was saved close to a thousand dollars.

Why are people getting sick from SmartMeters?

The human body is bioelectric, essentially functioning like an antenna. Radio was the first pervasive wireless transmission in our world, then TV and computers. Add the widespread use of cell phones and towers, WiFi, and numerous other wireless devices, and we have come to live in an “electrosmog soup” to which our bodies are increasingly sensitive. Epidemiologists who have tracked 20th century diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, autism, attention deficit disorder, etc.) have found that increases in these conditions parallel the spread of electrification from the early 20th century to the present. (Dirty Electricity by Samual Milham, MD, MPH)

In the last two decades we have seen a proliferation of wireless technology, during which time 3-5% of the population has begun to experience the serious and disabling effects of electrosensitivity, and another predicted 30-35% are experiencing milder symptoms that may become more serious in time. Arguably, we all have a threshhold or “tipping point.”

SmartMeters are disruptive to the body in at least three ways:

The non-thermal radio-frequency radiation itself is harmful, especially at close proximity. SmartMeter deployment is relatively new, but nonetheless a large body of science exists that predicts deleterious cumulative effects.

SmartMeters transmit in high intensity pulses. PG&E refuses to disclose this peak power. While the pulses are a tiny fraction of a second in length, their erratic nature (and possibly the unknown peak intensity) distresses the nervous system and other body systems. Our bodies were designed to live in harmony with the steady electric charges of the earth.

SmartMeters can also create “dirty electricity,” an additional source of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) caused when radio waves are re-radiated by powerlines and magnified by the internal wiring of a building.

What are the symptoms?

A partial list: headaches/migraines, tinnitus, heart palpitations, fatigue, nausea, agitation, anxiety, sleep disturbance/insomnia, memory and concentration difficulties, behavior problems in children. The longer-term effects of non-ionizing, non-thermal radiation include more serious problems, particularly cancers (Sage reports below).

Why aren’t we protected by regulatory agencies, safety standards or the ADA?

The FCC is strongly influenced by industry, and has not updated exposure standards since 1996. Among industrialized nations, only the UK has standards worse than the U.S.. These outdated standards for thermal units (think microwave ovens) were all that the CPUC was required to apply to PG&E’s large-scale, historically-unprecedented SmartMeter program. Not even an Environmental Impact Report was required.

PG&E defends the safety of the program by referring to the outdated 1996 standards, and even then, new research has determined that under real-life use conditions, non-compliance with the current lax FCC standards is likely. (first Sage reports link below)

Many countries identify electrosensitivity as a disability. Sweden, for example, has over 300,000 registered electrosensitive citizens protected by law. The Americans With Disabilties Act acknowledges electrosensitivy, but the condition is not recognized as a

disability with full protection.

Most countries are developing smart grids, but it is important to understand that our federal government did not mandate the use of wireless meters. Safe, wired solutions exist (Italy uses fiber optics, for example), but PG&E did not choose such an option. Other municipalities are making wired choices or adopting a cautious approach to their programs: (Victoria, Australia; Hawaii; Chattanooga, Tennesee; Ontario, Canada).

Why didn’t the California Commission on Science and Technology report sound an alarm and suggest application of the Precautionary Principle?

The eight-member CCST panel included a number of members with business interests. The panel chose either to ignore or not to consider a sizable body of science that points to harmful effects of radio frequency radiation. As a consequence, scientists from all over the world submitted responses that chastise this report and refute its conclusions (second Sage reports link below).

What can I do to stop SmartMeters?

* Call or write to the San Rafael City Council. Ask for public discussion of this matter.

* Call or write to the CPUC through their website to ask that installation be halted.

* Attend a protest at the CPUC on Feb. 16, at noon, 505 Van Ness.

* Speak for one-two minutes at a CPUC meeting on Feb. 24, 9:30 a.m..

* Call Governor Brown to ask that CPUC President Michael Peevey be removed.

* Support Huffman’s AB 37. This legislation needs public discussion also. Without the inclusion of important amendments, it will not be strong enough to help people in multi-unit buildings or in urban or suburban neighborhoods like ours (contact SVNA member Vicki Sievers for details)

To learn more about SmartMeters and RF radiation




www.eon3.net" www.eon3.net/

A short informational “cartoon” by Canadian scientist Magda Havas, PhD


New research results on SmartMeter exposure and FCC compliance


Responses from top scientists refuting CCST report conclusions


An interview with a Wellington installer whistleblower


Recent articles in the San Rafael News Pointer



To contact Sun Valley residents:

George Mills, Sun Valley Neighborhood Association representative to Federation of San Rafael Neighborhoods:ggmills@pacbell.net

Vicki Sievers (SVNA member who prepared this article): victoriasievers@earthlink.net 454-0104

SMART train

The Civic Center Station Area Plan Advisory Committee is hosting a community visioning workshop on Wednesday, March 9, 6 to 9 p.m. Attached is a flyer for your information, and to forward to your friends, co-workers and family who may be interested in helping to shape the future of the area around the future SMART station in north San Rafael. Please note that staff will have an update on the project for the Planning Commission at a May meeting. To RSVP to the workshop, please contact Rebecca Woodbury at 485-3076.

HOV Gap Closure Project Celebration To Be Held on March 11

Ribbon Cutting Celebration to be held March 11

Construction of the first segment began in January 2002 and was completed in the southbound direction in February 2009 and in the northbound direction in April 2009. The project includes 1.2 miles of class 1 bike path on the west side of the highway which was opened on December 20, 2010 for public use.

TAM and its partners wish to thank the adjoining businesses and community for their cooperation and patience during the construction of this project, and ask everyone to join us to celebrate the completion of the carpool lane project in San Rafael.

WHEN: Friday, March 11, 2011, 3:00-5:00 PM

WHERE: Park and Ride Lot At Lincoln off-ramp from southbound US 101

We hope to see you there!


Monday, March 14: Save the Date for SSR and Pachamama presentation of 'The Economics of Happiness': Localizing Marin's Economy. Feature film on the pitfalls of globalization, followed by facilitated discussion of how Marin can achieve equitable prosperity and resiliency rooted in where we live. 7:00, The Marin Youth Center, 1115 Third Street, San Rafael. $10 donation requested (free to members; no one turned away). Locally popped popcorn!

Corporate Control? Not in These Communities

Municipalities across the country are passing ordinances reclaiming their citizens' rights from corporate interests.


Dear Friends,

We (me and Gayla) are looking for a wonderful roommate to share our exquisite house at the end of a private road.

The house sits on 1/2 acre, with lots of apple trees, wild turkeys, and occasional foxes.

We have a great situation here, very cool people, temple-like sanctuary inside, great kitchen, decks, garden, etc.

Love it if you know someone who might fit the bill!


Beautiful Sebastopol House Share - $550

Sunny bedroom (11 X 12.5) in spacious 3 bedroom-2 bath home with two women and one cosmic cat.

Additional shared space includes: Bathroom with jacuzzi tub and shower, a beautiful open living room, dining room, sitting area and kitchen with vaulted ceilings; wood stove as well as central heat; W/D; Storage; Huge landscaped front and back yards with decks, fruit trees, and garden.

We are seeking an honest, mature, and responsible person who values open communication and a healthy lifestyle; someone who is easy to get along with and who would enjoy a peaceful, harmonious sanctuary on a quiet cul-de-sac with rural feel, five minutes south of Sebastopol.

Location: Convenient to Hwy 116 & Hwy 12 about 15 minutes to Hwy 101 (off Bloomfield Road, near Hardcore Cafe).

Sorry, no more pets, no smoking, no drugs or digital music (just kidding about the music). Must know how to recycle.

Space is available Feb 15th.

Rent is $550 (due on the first) + 1/3 utilities (averages $100/month) plus $850 deposit.

Please have references and verifiable resources.

Please note: There is a possibility of shared office space for small additional rent ($50)

Please call 415-609-9213 and vm message (Mary) or respond to the email: oconnmar@gmail.com
Sustainably yours,

Mary O'Connor
Sustainable Leadership Institute