Sunday, June 3, 2012

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Latest City Budget Proposal

Neighborhood Leaders:

I am reaching out to you today on this very important issues that affects ALL of our neighborhoods.

I am asking that you forward the message below to your networks and that we work together on this issue and that we come together and speak as one voice to the City Council to be most effective.

I would like to thank everyone for the dedication and constant work in protecting our City and our Residents.

It is only together that we can make a difference.


Samantha Sargent

Dear San Rafael Residents,

During a Study Session with the City Council the City Manager was instructed to cut approximately $1 million in spending, rather than continuing to borrow it from the employee healthcare fund as they have been doing for the last few years.

The following budget is being proposed:

This budget is too heavily weighted with cuts to Fire and Police, not to mention Public Works.

Police Department expenses are approximately 22% of our annual budget, yet their part of the latest cuts is 35% of what is being cut. The Fire Department is approximately 18% of the current budget, yet they are being asked to shoulder 26% of the proposed cuts.

Overall Cuts to Public Safety are over 50% of the proposed cuts.  This isn't even an "across the board" approach.

With a further reduction in number of sworn officers by eliminating our Street Crimes Unit this means our law enforcement will be, self admittedly, reactive only. No more prevention and a drastic reduction in their efforts around Community Policing.

How will we ever protect the northern part of the city that has experienced increased thefts, get our downtown back that has seen a dramatic increase in violent crimes and protect the families in the Canal area who already struggle with an over abundance of crime present in their community?

Please let the City Council know your feelings on the issue.

I urge everyone to:

1) fill in the attached budget priorities spread sheet (that was issued to the Council but NOT the people) and send it to the city clerk Esther Beirne

2) call, write or join me in attending our City Council MONDAY'S (June 4th) Council Meeting at 8pm.

We need to let the City Council know what WE feel is best for our communities and make sure they aren't making decisions on our behalf in a vacuum.

Thank you very much for your time and attention and please do not hesitate to call or email me.

It is only together that we can make a difference.

Samantha Sargent

Info for contacting the City Council:


Budget Prioritization Worksheet

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